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Freezer Fudge Bites

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Freeze Time: 80 minutes

Total Time: 95 minutes

Freezer Fudge Bites

So simple, and soooo good!  Check out these freezer fudge bites from healthfulchel using our all natural St. Dalfour 100% fruit spread, free from preservatives and refined sugar.


1 can (16oz) Chickpeas, rinsed.

5 soaked dates

1/3 cup Peanut Butter

1 tsp vanilla

Dash of salt

1/2cup St. Dalfour Strawberry Fruit Spread



  1. Add the first 5 ingredients to a food processor and blend.

  2. Smooth the blended mixture down into a 20 x 20cm baking paper lined dish.

  3. Freeze for 20 minutes.

  4. Add a layer of St. Dalfour Strawberry Fruit Spread on top.

  5. Freeze for an hour.

  6. Enjoy as is, or cut fudge into squares to create sammies. Bon Appetit!

For the original post of this recipe and much more check out healthfulchel on Instagram.

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